From April 9 to 11, three zodiac signs are ready for long-term relationships.  

Nothing says long-term relationships like the Moon in Taurus, which is exactly what we'll be working with from April 9 to 11, 2024.   

So, if you've decided to take what you've got and upgrade to the "long-term" model, welcome to one of the best days of the week, as this transit is here to help us along the way.   

The lunar Taurus energy is very comforting and pleasant. It's just the push we need whether we've been thinking about'settling down' or simply sealing the deal  

There is no frivolous conduct happening on this week. While the Moon in Taurus emphasizes tenderness and kindness, we remain serious about our future together.  

You're recognized for your lighthearted demeanor and flirtatious expressions. You constantly make fun of your partner and yourself  


If there's one thing you can say, it's that you've done everything right to keep your relationship alive and well.   


You've been down this road before, and by 'this road,' we mean the positive vibes that come from the Moon in Taurus.   


Of course, the "test" is the time you spent together. It works! Holy moly, this is actually working.   

You may have to let go of your old'single person' perspective. You held to that for so long that you began to assume that love wouldn't play such an important role in your life, and then, voilà!  

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