‘Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire’ Propels Franchise Past $1B

Fans of the Power franchise are losing Ghost once more, but this time it's the series.Starz has canceled Power Book II: Ghost, with the fourth season serving as its final installment. It will be released in two parts, on June 7 and September 6. Check out the teaser above.

Starz CEO Jeffrey Hirsch announced the change this week, stating that he intends to reduce content expenses by generating more new shows rather than supporting series as they get more expensive.

Baby Reindeer, Richard Gadd's autobiographical film, is difficult to see yet rewarding with its emotional depth and great performances.

Now I'm putting a lot of money towards the bottom line. And I'm not losing money in terms of acquisition costs or subscriber viewership because we know what those demos want. 

We know how to arrange those. So that's really the foundation of getting to that 20% [profit] — starting anew with new content to fuel the business.

Everything is unfolding just as he revealed. On Wednesday, Starz announced plans for a new prequel series centered on everyone's favorite Power couple, Ghost and Tommy. The series will follow the same format as Power Book III: Raising Kanan. Ghost died today.

The series was Power's first spinoff, and it follows Ghost's son, who attempts to start over away from his father's criminal empire after murdering and covering up his father's death.  

Bringing back the sardonic magic and balls-to-the-wall of the original humor with huge comedy actors does not require a nuclear ectoplasma scientist.

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