Handle The Heat, which is Simple home improvement Summer Cocktails   

Summer is here, and staying hydrated is crucial to staying healthy at this time of year

Sweating causes the body to lose water more quickly when the temperature rises.

In order to prevent heat stroke and other illnesses, experts frequently recommend that we drink enough water throughout the summer.

You've probably had a standard mojito; this summer, try a guava-infused version of this cool beverage. To prepare, simply combine a small amount of sugar, pepper powder, mint leaves, roasted cumin powder,

 It's ready when you add some ice cubes and soda water. It really is that easy. Chill it and serve.

Despite being a hot beverage, this drink is best for a summery day. It is rich in vitamins and minerals. Just boil sliced apples, oranges, cinnamon, mint leaves, and green tea bags all together for a few minutes. Pour the healthy drink into a cup and serve it hot. 

Apart from its refreshing taste, this drink is widely loved for its digestive properties. It is prepared by using only Zeera (Cumin seeds) and Water. Roast some cumin seeds and make a powder out of it. Add black salt or other spices to it and mix it well in cold water. 

Escape the summer heat with this ultra-refreshing and delicious beverage. Blend some watermelon chunks with some spices until it gets smooth. Pour it into a glass and add some ice cubes and soda or water to it. Mix it well and enjoy 

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