Here's The True Meaning Behind Jelly Roll's Apple Core Face Tattoo 

Many of Jelly Roll's tattoos symbolize his time spent behind bars, which is a notoriously dark phase in his life.   

The apple core tattooed on his left cheek, for example, is relevant to his present career as a successful country music performer.  

There are a lot of possible interpretations of this work of art, but in reality, Jelly Roll choose an apple core to symbolize his unofficial followers, whom they refer to as "the bad apples."  

Fans of the "Son of a Sinner" singer didn't come up with the term; rather, they stole it from one of his songs, "Bad Apple," released in 2014, and used it consistently thereafter.   

"Some people think I'm a bad apple/Yeah, I might be bruised but I still have a sweet taste/Some people think I'm a bad apple/But I could be the biggest apple in the tree," he sings in the infectious melody.   

The Bad Apples' unwavering support for the country music musician who formerly was a rapper dates back many years.  

Their devoted fan base has been steadily expanding since 2017 on their private Facebook page.   

More than 55,000 people have joined the group so far, and they all frequently post encouraging messages and personal accounts of how Jelly Roll's music has changed their lives.   

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