Holdout Ezekiel Elliott away from Dallas Cowboys heading into first game. 

When Jason Garrett addressed the Dallas Cowboys for the first time at training camp in California, he didn't bring up Ezekiel Elliott's holdout, or so the coach claims.

Elliott is still not in the lineup for the Cowboys' first practice against the New York Giants at home on Sunday, but Garrett insists the strategy hasn't changed.  

"Once more, we're just focused on our football team right now," Garrett said to a question about Elliott that came up at his daily press conference on Monday. 

Practice is scheduled to begin at 10:45. We're going to go outside and practice as much as we can for an hour and fifteen minutes. Actually, that is the focus of our attention.  

Garrett's response would have been essentially the same if the identical questions had been posed before to any of the team's five sessions at the Frisco facility or the fifteen practices in Oxnard.  

There is, however, no denying the pressing need or the rising likelihood that, even if the parties resolve the contract impasse this week, Elliott may not be able to have an impact in the season's opening matchup against the first of two NFC East rivals (Washington being the second).  

Elliott didn't play a single snap in the exhibitions the previous year either, so it wasn't a great thing that the two-time rushing champion missed the entire preseason.

Furthermore, there were reports the weekend before the game that the parties were in talks and possibly nearing a deal.  

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