How Do You Use Capers in the Kitchen? And What Are Capers Anyway?  

Not cooking with capers? Prepare for a new passion. These tiny, plant-based components give savory, salty taste and texture to almost any recipe  

Most grocery stores sell capers, which may be refrigerated for months if you have leftovers in the small jar. And every part of that jar is usable.   

Brine can be added to vinaigrettes or marinades to tenderize. Learn everything about capers—your new favorite ingredient.   

Small, spherical, dark green capers are flavor bombs. Though they taste vegetal like olives, caper bush buds are fruits.  

Capers are mostly grown in the Mediterranean, Asia, and Australia.   

Capers are rarely farmed domestically, however northern California grows some.    

“Most people don't realize that the capers we get in glass jars at the supermarket are the plant's flower still in its bud,” says Italian Coastal: Recipes and Stories From Where the Land Meets the Sea author Amber Guinness. “  

Leaving them to mature produces elegant, almost tropical-looking pink and white flowers.   

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