How should the Memphis Grizzlies spend the offseason after a disaster?  

This wasn't how the Memphis Grizzlies wanted to start 2023-24.  

After Ja Morant's suspension, the Grizzlies were expected to compete in the Western Conference with Desmond Bane, Jaren Jackson Jr., Marcus Smart,  

and Derrick Rose, and their young talent. Plans to avenge their playoff loss persisted.  

Injuries followed. Memphis had nightly rosters of two-way contracts, 10-day deals, and bottom-tier players after the dust settled. Smart played 20 games. Rose played 24. 39 featured Luke Kennard. Even before the All-Star core. Bane played 42 games.   

After returning from suspension, Morant played nine games before injuring his shoulder and missing the season. David Roddy and Ziaire Williams, two young players the Grizzlies projected, didn't develop rapidly.  

Memphis is 27-51 and on course to end with its fewest victories in seven years, but their future is bright.   

Jackson will improve and Morant and Bane will return healthy next season. Under head coach Taylor Jenkins, rookies GG Jackson II and Vince Williams Jr. have shown promise. Free agency and a lottery choice await.  

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