If you can locate the concealed penguin in under nine seconds, you have hawkeyes.  

For those who aren't familiar with these kinds of assessments,   

optical illusions are intriguing pictures that can trick your eyes into perceiving things in a way that doesn't match their true shape.  

Some of these optical illusions are so convincing that you fail to see features that you normally would have noticed.  

So, this fascinating event happens as a result of something called "filling-in."   

Because your brain is able to concentrate on certain areas of what it sees, the way a picture appears might vary depending on your point of view.  

Nobody knows for sure how optical illusions work on our brains, despite the fact that scientists have studied them extensively.   

Nobody knows for sure why some pictures can fool our brains, and that's despite a lot of study.  

These illusions have more than just aesthetic value; they can also serve practical purposes. In a sense, they may be used as an IQ test, which is a good way to measure how smart a person is.   

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