In a lawsuit, a judge ruled that Ja Morant reasonably claimed self-defense.

In a victory for Ja Morant, a Tennessee judge determined Monday that the Memphis Grizzlies player properly claimed self-defense   

The decision follows a December 2023 civil immunity hearing in Memphis, where Morant testified that he "swung first" at Joshua Holloway   

Holloway, then 17, to defend himself after an encounter that resulted in Holloway filing a September 2022 lawsuit accusing Morant of assault.   

The altercation occurred during a pickup basketball game.    

Holloway, supposedly upset after losing numerous games, was accused of tossing a one-handed pass at Morant during a check-ball game.   

The ball struck Morant in the face, and Morant said Holloway made a stride toward him before he came forward and punched him.  

After that blow, Morant's friend, Davonte Pack, punched Holloway, for which Pack was later charged with misdemeanor assault.   

Shelby County Circuit Judge Carol Chumney decided in Monday's filing that Morant "enjoys a presumption of civil immunity" under Tennessee's self-defense immunity legislation   

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