In the strangest expulsion of a Yankees manager, the ump misidentifies Aaron Boone as a fan.  

Only two batters into Monday's game against the A's, Aaron Boone was dismissed, and the only thing that's certain is that he didn't say anything offensive.  

Home plate umpire Hunter Wendelstedt ejected Boone after the Yankees lost 2-0 to Oakland in The Bronx. Boone called the ruling "embarrassing," but the veteran umpire refused to back down, claiming Boone was "responsible" for the antics of others in the Yankees dugout.  

After a pitch from Carlos Rodon to Tyler Nevin in the first inning, Wendelstedt turned to face the Yankee bench and dismissed an unprepared Boone, setting off the dramatic sequence.  

Just before Boone was ejected from Yankee Stadium, Wendelstedt was heard on the field's microphones saying to him, "You got anything else to say, you're gone," in reference to Boone's call to Oakland's leadoff hitter Esteury Ruiz, who was judged to have checked his swing after being hit by a Rodon pitch on a 0-2 count.  

Wendelstedt's stern order caused Boone to retreat and remain silent, but a few seconds later, Wendelstedt turned back and declared, "Aaron, you're done."  

Seeing what had happened, Boone leaped from the dugout and gestured to the stands behind it, making it clear that Wendelstedt had heard what had come from there and not from him.  

Nevertheless, Wendelstedt gave the story a twist after the game, telling a pool reporter that even though he was aware that Boone had not spoken to him further, he wasn't the one who had to pay the price.  

Boone stated that he will contact MLB over the event and that he had no previous negative relationship with Wendelstedt, who dated back to Boone's playing days and whose father, Harry, was also a longstanding MLB umpire.  

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