Iron Man's Son Debuts—Named After Tony Stark's Heroic Avengers

As the younger Stark enters Marvel canon, fans discover that not only is his mother a fellow Avengers hero, but the younger Stark is also named after Tony's closest teammate.  

Although Marvel characters such as Captain America, Wolverine, and Black Widow have children, Tony has always been a one-man show.  

After seeing his son, many might wish he had stayed that way. 

Avengers: Twilight #1, the first issue of a new miniseries set in a near future in which the Avengers disbanded following the horrific events. 

Of "Hero Day," an Ultron attack that turned the Hulk against the team, resulting in death, destruction, and public mistrust of Earth's Mightiest Heroes, introduces Iron Man's son.  

James Stark, Tony's son, is making sure everyone understands that he has no desire to be involved with the Avengers' legacy decades later. 

James is a prosperous entrepreneur and the son of founding Avengers Tony Stark and Janet Van Dyne's Wasp, who were once romantically involved. 

He is named after James "Rhodey" Rhodes, better known as the War Machine, another superhero from the Avengers.

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