James Gunn Provides An Upbeat Update for Creature Commandos  

The DC Universe's Creature Commandos will launch first and act as an apéritif to James Gunn's Superman.   

Gunn just provided an update on the much awaited animated project, which is presently in development and is expected to arrive at Max before the end of 2024.  

In a thread replying to a DC fan, Gunn—who co-leads DC Studios with Peter Safran as CEO—shared that "all recording" and "animatics" for Creature Commandos are complete, adding that he is currently "waiting on the first animated cuts.  

The DCU version of Creature Comandos will take place in the present age, with Rick Flag Sr. taking over as the team's leader in place of Lt. Matthew Shrieve, although the missions in the comics take place during World War II.   

. The movie itself isn't canon anymore, but some of the events from The Suicide Squad in 2021 will be, according to Sean Gunn, who also revealed that Creature Commandos will disclose "a lot more about Weasel," who had his film debut in the DCEU film.  

Gunn is directing the upcoming film Superman, which he wrote from a screenplay, in addition to overseeing the creative aspects of all DC Studios movies.   

While Gunn has said that Superman would follow the title character as he attempts to reconcile his Kryptonian heritage with his human upbringing, plot specifics are limited.  

The Man of Steel's genesis narrative will not be repeated in the reboot; rather, it will begin with Clark Kent already embodying the superhero persona while employed by the Daily Planet in Metropolis.  

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