Jason Kelce shares update about his ‘stolen’ Super Bowl ring

Additional details about what transpired with his 2018 Super Bowl ring have been revealed by Jason Kelce.  

The now-retired center for the Philadelphia Eagles discussed whether or not he had found his misplaced ring with his younger brother Travis Kelce  

special guest comic Andrew Santino on Wednesday, April 24th, edition of New Heights.  

The brothers previously disclosed that they were at the University of Cincinnati's Lombaby Games, where they took part in a game where participants

search through a pool of cheese, chili, and spaghetti to find phony Super Bowl rings tied to socks.  

Interestingly, one of the rings was Jason's actual Super Bowl ring.  

The brothers said that their group had attempted, without success, to find it in the pool using a metal detector.  

"The only thing that comes to mind is that the sock was thrown away in some way after it was kicked out of the three-way and out of the pool at some point," Jason said.  

The Super Bowl ring has been relinquished. We have already submitted the insurance claim, and I believe the insurance provider may have some comments regarding their decision to pay for it.  

At the time, the older Kelce brother held out hope that he could receive another ring. "I was aware of its location.   

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