John Lynch says 49ers 'had good talks' with Brandon Aiyuk.

Lynch aims for Brandon Aiyuk to remain with the 49ers long term, despite ongoing contract talks.

Aiyuk’s contract is a priority; Lynch wants it settled sooner than previous deals to avoid performance issues.

Aiyuk’s participation in voluntary workouts has been minimal; his contract situation remains unresolved.

Lynch doesn’t anticipate Aiyuk leaving, but if an irresistible offer comes, the situation might change.

Aiyuk hinted at his frustration on social media, prompting speculation over his future.

Warner notes that Aiyuk's deal involves significant money and requires patience.

The 49ers value Aiyuk's performance, hoping to extend his contract to keep him on the team.

The draft may influence Aiyuk's situation, but Lynch doesn’t foresee him leaving.

The April 12, 2024 Edition of Your Daily FinanceScope 

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