K-Chicken: The New Food Trend Sweeping the U.S.

Differentiation in sauce and seasoning attracts locals. Local brands are jumping on the trend of K-chicken menus.

-Chicken has won over Americans' palates. The top Korean-style chicken brands in America are Kyochon Chicken, BHC, BBQ, Pelicana, and Bonchon Chicken.   

Due to the recent worldwide Hallyu phenomenon, K-Food is becoming more and more popular, and this is especially true in the United States  

where more and more people are requesting K-Chicken. It's claimed that K-Chicken is solidifying K-Food's standing.  

As to the 22nd issue of the food-focused American magazine Eat This, Not That, Bonchon Chicken emerged as the top Korean-style chicken brand in the United States.  

Bonchon Chicken received a lot of appreciation for its flavors that are appropriate for the region and its crispy fried coating.  

Established in Busan in 2002, Bonchon Chicken debuted in the United States in 2006. With 139 locations overall, it has reached 25 of the 50 states in the United States.  

With the establishment of a store in Tennessee this year, BBQ, which initially arrived in the country in 2007, has now expanded to 27 states.  

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