Katy Perry Looks Stunned as TikToker Serenades Her With ‘Prism' Deep Cut at Coachella

Katy Perry gave and received surprise performances at this year's Coachella.  

Shortly after making a guest appearance onstage at best friend Mia Moretti's festival set, the pop star was approached by TikToker  

Harry Daniels for an impromptu performance of a Prism deep cut,   

Perry revealed she had written about her DJ BFF more than a decade before.  

In a video posted Monday (April 15), Daniels approaches Perry, who is wearing a T-shirt with her husband Orlando Bloom's Lord of the Rings character on it,  

begins singing a few lines from her 2013 song "International Smile."  

The American Idol judge's eyes widen in shock, and she looks around frantically, shouting, "Where's Mia?"  

She then exclaims, "My best friend who just played Coachella, that song is about her!"  

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