Keanu Reeves describes his nearly 30-year marriage to Winona Ryder.

According to Keanu Reeves, he and Winona Ryder might have been married for thirty years or more.  

The Matrix and John Wick star revealed that he and Ryder might have unintentionally wed—at least not in God's view.  

It seems a little unrealistic, as you would think that you would know someone you were married to.  

However, it appears that in this instance, Wick's lack of knowledge about his and Ryder's marriage may have had a reasonable explanation.  

Actors might now go through a lot to get a part. Dialect coaches, weight loss or gain, learning a new skill, or, to be honest, some'method' actors going a little too far are all examples.  

However, marriage represents a fairly long-term commitment to a role. How in the world did the couple come to be engaged and keep it a secret for thirty years?  

It's from a scene in a movie from far back in the 1990s in which they both starred.  

Francis Ford-Coppola's 1992 picture Bram Stoker's Dracula is the perfect choice if you enjoy drama, shouting, strange Victorian pseudo-science, and Gary Oldman with long, curly hair.  

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