Kevin Costner's living room color is serene and luxurious; it will look great in 100 years.  

A white color scheme is timeless, but it doesn't mean that fashion trends aren't continuously changing how we use the hue.

In Kevin Costner's house, traditional colors are subtly mixed with contemporary elements.  

The actor from Yellowstone has an airy and modern all-white color palette in his white living room.  

Costner's desk, the carpet, the sofa, and the walls above the contemporary fireplace are all white. 

An all-white concept can easily come off as clinical or chilly if done carelessly, but this room avoids that trap. Rather, the room appears serene and luxurious due to the white layers.  

Experts clarify that Costner's designer's decision to "color-drench" the room is the primary factor contributing to the scheme's sophistication.

The practice of utilizing one color across a room is known as "color drenching," according to Jennifer Ebert, color expert and digital editor at Homes & Gardens.  

This is evident from the white table, white walls, and white flooring. This aesthetic fosters a sense of cohesive style and helps to bring the eye up and around the room.  

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