King Charles’ funeral plans reportedly being updated after cancer diagnosis: ‘He is very unwell’ 

Due to King Charles' steadily declining health, Buckingham Palace authorities have been updating their plan for his upcoming funeral on a regular basis   

According to sources, these plans began the day after Queen Elizabeth was laid to rest.   

The 75-year-old king has kept a low profile since disclosing his cancer prognosis in February in order to conceal his deteriorating health. Several sources have told The Daily Beast that the situation is "not good."   

Naturally, he is adamant about defeating it, and they are exerting every effort. Though everyone is continuing to be positive, he is actually quite ill. More than they are letting on,"   

Buckingham Palace officials to keep a regularly updated plan for his impending funeral — preparations for which started the day after Queen Elizabeth was buried, 

Although King Charles has never disclosed the type of cancer he was given, he has acknowledged that it was not prostate cancer, one of the most curable types of the illness.   

Regarding his medical journey, the Firm has likewise remained silent, but politically connected insiders and public observers have openly stated that the King is "responding really well" to treatment.   

However, its dissemination has undoubtedly sharpened brains," a former employee said.  

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