Klay Thompson wants to live now. The past will shape his Warriors future.  

Golden State Warriors: Klay Thompson's final game with the Warriors couldn't be a 0-for-10 performance, can it?

But, ultimately, we can anticipate him to be a part of the Warriors' future.  

Following what was unquestionably his worst performance as a professional basketball player in the Warriors' season-ending play-in tournament loss to the Kings   

a game in which Thompson's defense was as bad as his offense (and he went 0-for-10 from the field)  

it was impossible not to wonder if the pending unrestricted free agent had played his final game for the Warriors.  

He definitely had the same question, as he spun around as he went off the court at Golden 1 Center on Tuesday, soaking everything in.  

But on Wednesday, when questioned about his future to begin his end-of-season press conference, he opted to put on another little performance.  

"We don't want to talk about the season first?" Thompson stated. "Do you want to talk about the future?" There were many games played, guy.  

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