Lamont Butler, a San Diego State basketball hero, will enter the transfer portal.  

The man who hit the largest shot in San Diego State basketball history could be wearing a different uniform next season.  

Lamont Butler revealed Wednesday night that he is entering the NCAA transfer portal after initially stating that he will spend his final season of eligibility at SDSU if he does not go pro.  

"I spent the last four years in San Diego, and I love everybody there," Butler told the Union-Tribune over the phone.  

"Leaving the city of San Diego is quite difficult. It was a challenging decision, but I believe this is the best option."

Butler stated that he is open to returning to SDSU, but that "it's more of a slight chance... if things don't work out the way I think they're supposed to."  

Coach Brian Dutcher is more receptive to that situation than he has in the past, albeit there are constraints.  

"I've got to have time to get somebody," Dutcher stated recently, referring to no specific player.   

"Everything is time-sensitive. If the process takes longer than expected, we must be prepared to replace someone."  

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