LeBron James Slams Officiating After Lakers Lose Second Game to Nuggets: 'It Makes No Sense to Me'  

LeBron James is questioning officiating calls after the Lakers' playoff loss to the Nuggets on Monday.  

"I don't understand what's going on in the [NBA] replay center, to be honest," the 39-year-old Lakers star said on X after the game.  

James added, "D'Angelo Russell gets hit in the face on a drive. Why do we have a replay center if it'll go that way?  

The NBA player was frustrated after the team lost a second straight game to the Nuggets, 101-99, after Jamal Murray hit a last-second shot.  

The Lakers led the defending champs by 20 points in the second half after holding off the Nuggets with their adjustments for most of game two.  

Crew chief Scott Foster reversed the initial call on the floor because Denver's Michael Porter Jr. made “marginal” contact with Russell with 39.5 seconds left in the third. The Lakers were up by 10. James said, "It makes no sense to me," after the game. “It bothers me.”  

James also criticized the officiating of the night's earlier Knicks-76ers game.  

He said, “And then I just saw what happened with the Sixers-Knicks game, too,” before dropping the mic. “What are we doing?"  

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