Locate three key distinctions between the two images of the boss berating an employee in only sixteen seconds! 

Among the many attention-grabbing games available online nowadays, many people like to play Find the Difference puzzles  

which are also called spot-the-difference puzzles. Find the distinctions between these two nearly identical photographs; that is the problem here.  

To find solutions to these problems fast, you need to pay close attention to detail. Both young and old can benefit from regular practice of such challenges in terms of mental health and concentration.  

 Above, you can see a screenshot of a manager berating an employee. 

 In about sixteen seconds, readers must identify three key changes between the two images.

 It may take some focused observation to make out some of the distinctions, while others may stand out immediately. 

 Consequently, readers will require keen eyesight to distinguish between the two images.   

 According to research, doing so activates regions of the brain that are involved in memory and focus.   

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