Luke Grimes is eager to reestablish himself after releasing 'Yellowstone' and his debut country album.

Luke Grimes, best known for portraying the nuanced cowboy character Kayce Dutton on the television sitcom "Yellowstone," will release his self-titled debut album on Friday.   

There are numerous reasons to self-title an album: it might be an introduction, an affirmation of some definitive work   

or a simple way to identify a collection of music that would otherwise be impossible to categorize.    

Luke Grimes, well known for his depiction of the nuanced cowboy character Kayce Dutton on the television show "Yellowstone," finds it to be a useful tool.   

Grimes' debut country album, "Luke Grimes," released on Friday, is a proclamation that speaks volumes. Do you think you know him? Guess again.   

From a Nashville studio, the actor-musician told The Associated Press that he believes his record establishes "who I am, and where this music is coming from—and I'm trying to be honest here, I'm trying to do this the right way."   

" I believe that country music is most powerful when it is truly honest. So that was a significant goal for this first record," he explained.   

His personal sensitivity contrasts from his role as an actor on "Yellowstone."   

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