Luke Grimes states, ‘A lot of folks see a cowboy hat and go, that's not for me’ on Yellowstone's leftist detractors

Luke Grimes, a bit gritty, says, "I felt like an idiot for the first year of Yellowstone wearing a cowboy hat." "It takes some time for that to stop feeling absurd. I hardly notice it anymore.

In the famous ranch drama, the 40-year-old, who plays Kevin Costner's youngest son, is talking about his early years in a Stetson from his Montana home. 

He's wearing a baseball cap that has been bleached by the sun, with his blonde hair flowing out and a scruffy beard that draws attention to his tanned face, all while on FaceTime.  

Large windows look out onto the endless plains behind him, and his wood-beamed living room twinkles with a deer antler chandelier.  

Grimes has taken things a step further these days and started working as a country singer in his spare time since he is so at ease in the saddle.  

"Coachella's country cousin," he will be performing at Stagecoach Festival on Saturday for the second year in a row, delivering his diaristic blend of rootsy Americana.

He's hoping for a more uneventful day than the last. "There was absolutely nothing coming out of my earpieces when I came on stage. 

Regarding the 2023 event, he remembers, "I couldn't hear anything." The music wasn't audible to me for about a song and a half. It was my fourth show ever.  

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