Our unequal earth  Why is baseball no longer America’s Game?

 Despite a lockout and postponement, Opening Day players will play  

 Opening Day was a major sports occasion when my father, born in 1927, was my age.  

 His son considers it another day. Not that I dislike baseball—I do. Baseball isn't my favorite sport.  

 My family is part of America's baseball decline and generational replacement.  

 The sport, once the most popular in the country, now ranks second in America's hearts due to its many issues. This applies especially to American youth.  

 A 2021 Washington Post poll found that 11% of respondents preferred baseball to watch.  

 It trailed football (34%) and tied basketball for second for popularity. Soccer and “something else” (esports/competitive video gaming) followed at 7%.  

 Baseball's dilemma becomes clearer and frightening when the poll is examined. Baseball is the preferred sport of 7% of under-30s.  

 This placed fifth behind football (24%), basketball (17%), “something else” (12%), and soccer (10%).  

 These fans are thrilled to be at the field, yet only 11% of US adults and 7% of under-30s love baseball.  

 The last labor stoppage in 1994 had considerably more baseball fans than the current 11%. In an average of Gallup polls that year, 19% of Americans favored baseball.  

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