Megan Fox reacts to reality star’s controversial comparison to the Hollywood beauty

Megan Fox has finally responded to a US reality star who was mercilessly mocked for trying to look like Hollywood glamor.  

The US actress broke her silence on Love Is Blind star Chelsea Blackwell's contentious comparison of their looks, telling E!  

News that fans "went too hard" on the 31-year-old.  

"I did see a picture of her," the 37-year-old Transformers star remarked.  

"A hundred thousand per cent, people have told her, 'You kind of look like Megan Fox.'"  

Fox stated that she "believe[s]" Blackwell was "telling the truth"  

when she told fellow participant Jimmy Presnell in the pods that she resembled "[Machine Gun Kelly's] wife or his fiancee."  

The flight attendant was quickly "humbled" by the internet, which criticized her for the assertion.  

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