Memphis Grizzlies Announce Major Ja Morant Injury Update.  

The Memphis Grizzlies' injury-plagued season is finally over, but one major uncertainty lingers. When will Ja Morant recover from his torn labrum surgery?

During the Memphis Grizzlies' farewell interviews, GM Zach Kleiman provided a key injury report on Ja Morant, including a rough estimate of when the superstar will return.  

"I would say he is expected to be fully cleared for basketball activities maybe halfway through the offseason," he said. "  

He has been quite dedicated in his work. He's been with the team every day, pouring into it."  

The most important lesson from Kleiman's comments is that Ja Morant will be ready for full basketball play by the start of the 2024-25 NBA season.   

From the minute opening night arrives, the Memphis Grizzlies will hopefully be at full strength for the first time in what feels like forever.   

Barring any unexpected injuries this offseason, the Memphis Grizzlies should have something to look forward to.  

Make no mistake: the Memphis Grizzlies have a legitimate possibility of being a concern next season.

The April 12, 2024 Edition of Your Daily FinanceScope 

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