Mercury Direct 2024 Horoscope: What's in Store for You From April 25 to May 15

Following three weeks spent reflecting on how you've been showing up in the world and how you've been pursuing passion projects, Mercury goes direct in your sign. Until May 15, you can begin to apply what you've learned from slowing down and cultivating greater self-awareness 

For the past three weeks, Mercury retrograde in your spirituality sector has nudged you to spend more time engaging with your dreams and imagination. Chances are, this time out from your usual hustle has proved rejuvenating. 

This particular Mercury backspin fell in your networking zone, encouraging you to revisit and revise previously backburnered group projects while  reconnecting with friends you may have fallen out of touch with.  

With Mercury retrograde affecting your career zone, you've been turning inward to reflect on your professional aims and trajectory. It's possible you've been frustrated that you're not getting the recognition you deserve or clashing with authority figures 

Mercury's retrograde activated your adventure and higher learning sector, spurring restlessness and a desire to get out of your comfort zone and prioritize eye-opening experiences. While that may have been possible, you might've also found you could satiate that craving by reconnecting  

Thanks to Mercury retrograde falling in your emotional bonds and joint resources zone, you've been going back to the drawing board to finesse shared financial goals and talk about what makes you  

Falling in your partnership sector, this Mercury retrograde encouraged you to reflect on your one-on-one relationships and address any issues related to a lack of reciprocity or mutual understanding.  

Over the last three weeks, Mercury was retrograde in your romance and self-expression zone, nudging you to be more spontaneous and throw set plans out the window in order to better connect with loved ones. You may have also been working on owning your voice and speaking from the heart 

This Mercury retrograde fell in your home sector, requiring you to tie up loose ends related to projects around the house and to tend to any ongoing family issues 

Mercury retrograde activated your communication zone, which made for a very frenetic and glitchy moment in which technology issues and miscommunications might've been popping up right and left. Thankfully, as Mercury moves forward, 

This Mercury retrograde activated your money zone, encouraging you to reflect on how you've been earning, investing, and managing your assets. You may have researched new sources of cash flow, and with Mercury direct, you can begin to take action, 

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