Meta starts licensing headset OS in battle with Apple

Beginning with Lenovo and Asus, Meta has begun licensing the Quest headset's operating system to other hardware manufacturers. 

Additionally, it is developing a gaming-focused, limited-run Quest with Xbox.

In keeping with the opening up theme, Meta is advocating for additional avenues for users to find other app shops.

It's increasing the visibility of its experimental App Lab shop and even extending an invitation to Google to integrate the Play shop into its now-renamed Horizon OS operating system.

Additionally, Meta stated in a blog post that it is developing a spatial framework to facilitate the easier porting of mobile apps to Horizon OS for developers.

The Horizon social layer, a 3D open-world platform akin to Roblox meets The Sims, is a crucial component of Horizon OS for Meta. 

Following a slow and glitchy launch on the Quest, Meta has been refining Horizon and has just launched it as a 2D experience on the web. 

Now, any hardware manufacturer wishing to create a gadget running Horizon OS will contribute to the social network's growth, which Meta hopes to someday monetize through advertising and sales. (Yes, there is naming confusion on par with Google.)

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