Michigan Football: Jim Harbaugh Could Land US Top Quarterback

Rumors suggest Michigan Wolverines quarterback movement. McCarthy may be the best 2024 quarterback. The 2024 situation is uncertain. Top 2025 QB prospect Bryce Underwood may join Michigan. Although slow, the No. 1 player may be worth it. Michigan ranks second for Underwood on On3.com. 

On3's prediction system favors LSU 91.7%, but Jim Harbaugh is thrilled. Michigan has a 3.6% probability of acquiring Underwood. According to Zach Libby of On3.com, the Wolverines missed a great recruiting opportunity with Underwood. Alabama is catching up. 

“Five-star Belleville (Mich.) High quarterback Bryce Underwood returned to Alabama the weekend before the December dead period, which falls during his planned commitment date this Saturday,” Libby wrote in “Five things we learned about Michigan recruiting in December” on January 1, 2024 

Underwood watched Michigan beat Ohio State. After the Big House BBQ in late July, he hadn't used the facilities. Libby said U-M may have gained momentum if Underwood and his family visited Ann Arbor one last time. Fans still support LSU. Kirk Campbell met with Harbaugh one last time before he went for Tuscaloosa and let him watch Rose Bowl practice. The team is outside awaiting Underwood's commitment in six days. 

New Michigan quarterback Jadyn Davis is practicing. Although the criticism is legitimate, Underwood has so much to commit that it's impossible to get annoyed. Elite prospects have transferred schools in the NIL era as NSD approaches. A future quarterback on campus is a blessing for Michigan.  

Michigan is practising with 2024 four-star quarterback Jadyn Davis before the Rose Bowl. Providence Day School quarterback Davis from Charlotte ranks seventh nationwide, per 247Sports. Harbaugh watches the young signal-caller. “He’s doing it exactly how I just explained it and just the intelligence, the athleticism that it takes to do that, 

I found is rare,” Harbaugh told a December 30 media conference of Davis. That you can understand and accomplish something athletically without many reps or time. “He can visualize and athletically mimic what you say. Quite special. It caught my attention immediately.Really happy to coach him.” 

Underwood is 6-foot-3, 205 pounds. Play Top demonstrates desire Underwood for a purpose. Underwood looks like a college quarterback at 6-foot-3, 205 pounds. Top 2025 athlete is from Belleville High School in Michigan.  

“Ahead of his years physically and looks like he could be a senior or college player already,” 247Sports' Allen Trieu wrote about Underwood. Can throw anywhere on the field with a strong arm. Quality deep ball thrower who uses touch to help receivers make plays.” 

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