Miss USA 2019 Cheslie Kryst's New Memoir Reveals Private Agony Before Her Suicide at Age 30 (Exclusive Excerpt)

Cheslie Kryst was Miss USA, an Emmy-nominated Extra correspondent, and a law and MBA graduate by 30. Kryst sparkled on camera and social media.   

Her suicide on Jan. 30, 2022, three months before her 31st birthday, shocked those familiar with her public demeanor.  

But her mother April Simpkins saw a different Kryst, one who was depressed and worried she would never be good enough. Kryst wrote her mother a note before she died, requesting her to help publish her memoir.   

Kryst wrote in her memoir that she had a "unshakable feeling that I did not belong" and a "constant inner voice repeating 'never enough'." Success put pressure on her:   

"I had to be perfect because I had to represent for all youth, women, and Black people who also wanted to be in the room but had been denied access."  

Simpkins, 56, fulfilled her daughter's last wish and added her own voice to the book's end to share the devastating news that Kryst was gone and her grief lessons.   

"I knew it was important to share this," Simpkins tells PEOPLE. "I knew there are other people who felt what I was feeling and could relate."  

The book By the Time You Read This: The Space Between Cheslie's Smile and Mental Illness comes out April 23. The book will benefit the Cheslie C. Kryst Foundation, which supports child and young adult mental health services.  

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