Morgan Wallen, a country singer, has finally spoken out about her arrest for allegedly tossing a chair from a rooftop bar in Nashville, Tennessee.

The country music artist touched on the matter on social media almost two weeks after her felony arrest for reportedly hurling a chair from the rooftop of a pub in downtown Nashville

Authorities were gathered outside Chief's on the 200 block of Broadway just before 11 p.m. on April 7 when, as per the arrest paperwork,

they saw a chair fall from the sky and strike the street, touching down around three feet from two cops.

Bartenders accused Wallen of being the one who threw the chair when police asked security to investigate.

The camera tape allegedly showed Wallen lunging and throwing something over the roof, which is six storeys above Broadway. The police have reviewed the film.

Reports indicate that eyewitnesses informed authorities that they observed the 30-year-old singer "pick up the chair,

Authorities said that Wallen was detained and faces disorderly conduct charges, two counts of reckless endangerment for the two cops near the chair, and one case of public danger.

His booking and subsequent release from Metro Jail occurred at the crack of dawn on April 8, according to the records. 

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