Morgan Wallen Charged with Felony for Rooftop Chair Throwing

According to WKRN, country music star Morgan Wallen was detained in downtown Nashville on felony charges after he allegedly threw a chair from a rooftop bar.  

According to court documents, he was taken into custody at approximately 10:53 p.m. on April 7 after two responding officers reported seeing a chair fall from a six-story structure and strike the pavement.  

The officers were positioned in front of Chiefs Bar when it landed, just three feet away.  

Staff at the pub informed the investigating officers that Wallen was at fault when they looked into the event with security, according to the authorities. 

The country singer is said to have "picked up the chair, thrown it over him, laughing afterwards," according to witnesses standing next to him.  

According to the records, Wallen can be seen throwing something off the roof in the video that the officers examined.   

According to police, Wallen was taken into custody at Metro Jail and charged on three counts of reckless endangerment for the two cops who were almost struck by the chain and for posing a risk to the public.   

In addition, he faces a charge of unruly conduct. After several hours, he was set go. As per the statement sent to WKRN by Wallen's lawyer, Worrick Robinson, "He is cooperating fully with authorities."  

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