Morgan Wallen's arrest at a Nashville bar has fans on the fence: It is 'very disturbing.'

Morgan Wallen's supporters had conflicting sentiments regarding his recent arrest in Nashville, Tennessee.

Digital verified that Wallen was arrested and charged with three counts of reckless endangerment and one act of disorderly conduct on Sunday night.    

Outkick hit the streets of Broadway to ask fans what they thought of Morgan allegedly hurling a chair from the rooftop of Chief's bar at the party hotspot in Tennessee."He is a rockstar, and he is attempting to be a rockstar.   

"Why not?" one man asked. Another fan chipped in, calling Wallen's actions "not very smart." One man commented that Wallen is "his guy" and that "everyone does dumb things every now and then."  

A woman stated that she was "so disappointed" and that the "situation is awful."   "I'm a huge Morgan Wallen fan, like huge, and it's just very, very upsetting," she said. "Like, what the heck?"  

A man stated that Wallen could have "killed someone" by tossing a chair down a six-story building. "It doesn't matter if you're Morgan Wallen or who you are; you can hurt someone.    

I believe he has good music, but come on, man?"Outkick then questioned bystanders on Broadway if they thought Wallen's performance will be canceled.   "I think fans will probably like him more to be honest," a man stated.   

Another responded, "No, I'm all for it, and I believe his fans are as well. It just makes him more intriguing; he isn't a great public relations machine."   

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