NASA is officially headed to Saturn moon as it greenlights $3.35 billion space rotocraft mission

Dragonfly: NASA's quadcopter mission approved for Titan exploration, with a $3.35 billion budget and a 2028 launch date.

Titan: Dragonfly will be the first robot to explore a planetary body beyond Mars, aiming to unveil the mysteries of Saturn's largest moon.

Titan's Environment: Titan's environment resembles ancient Earth, with sand dunes, methane lakes, and temperatures of minus 290°F.

Cassini Findings: Cassini revealed weather systems, hydrocarbon rains, and winds generating waves in Titan's methane lakes.

Mission Objectives: Dragonfly will study Titan's prebiotic chemistry, atmosphere, and search for biosignatures indicating potential life.

Dragonfly's Features: With a $3.35 billion budget, Dragonfly will explore more than 30 locations on Titan over a three-year period.

Project Costs: Originally capped at $1 billion, Dragonfly's costs have increased due to replanning, pandemic constraints, and a launch delay to 2028.

Launch Details: The mission's launch was delayed to 2028, necessitating a change to a heavy-lift launcher, likely a SpaceX Falcon Heavy or ULA Vulcan rocket.

The April 12, 2024 Edition of Your Daily FinanceScope 

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