NBA Legend Makes Controversial Steph Curry Statement

Steph Curry is the Golden State Warriors' point guard, but Isiah Thomas, one of the greatest, doesn't consider him one. 

The NBA Hall of Famer's opinion is intriguing.

Isiah Thomas said on the Draymond Green Show why he doesn't consider Steph Curry the Warriors' point guard when evaluating the greatest point guards.

"On the Golden State Warriors, you are the point guard," Thomas said Green. "You assist more than Steph. You raise the ball.

You start the crime. Set defense. You're boss. Steph comes off screens, catches, and shoots—one of the best ever."

Thomas believes Draymond Green is the Warriors' genuine point guard. In addition, Steph models his game after shooting guards, not point guards. Thomas doesn't consider Steph a point guard based on those factors.

"I won differently," Thomas stated. "I may be the only point guard to lead my team to back-to-back championships in scoring and assists. Steph mentions Reggie Miller when describing his influences. He discusses Ray Allen."

While Isiah Thomas is right, Steph Curry is a point guard. Steph Curry is a great point guard and all-time great.

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