Netflix has finally made one of the greatest British spy thrillers ever available to stream.

A streaming TV user will never need another TV drama about a seductive, psychotic female assassin—this is it  

That show is Killing Eve, the clever, compelling psychological thriller from creator Phoebe Waller-Bridge that debuted here on BBC America in the late 2010s.  

Thankfully, all four seasons of the show are now accessible to stream on Netflix.  

I can't suggest this critically praised British thriller starring Jodie Comer strongly enough if your Netflix queue is looking a little empty right now.  

It's unpredictable and takes a different spin on the spy genre. I'll admit it: It also made me an ardent admirer of Comer,  

he gives an acting masterclass here and whose many personas and disguises totally wowed me.  

Killing Eve turns into an intriguing cat-and-mouse game between two powerful female characters—that is, if you can endure all the stomach-churning  

Additionally, believe me when I say that Villanelle's stomach is turning.  

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