New Version of Classic Optical Illusion Is Making Us Do a Double-Take

 If this optical illusion of a duck and rabbit looks familiar to you, it's likely because the original image dates back to the 19th century.  

 The enigmatic picture of one duck—or is it a rabbit?—that was first published in 1892 by artist Joseph Jastrow has baffled many for decades.  

 It's likely that different people will perceive the illusion differently if you show your friends or family the first image.  

 Some people are certain they see a rabbit, while others swear they see a duck.  

 It should come as no surprise that the duck-rabbit optical illusion is frequently cited as an illustration of two distinct perspectives on the same object.   

 However, as Live Science revealed, a neurologist recently investigated what would seem if two identical copies of this image were placed side by side in order to further explore the illusion.  

 You're not the only one who observed two ducks or bunnies. Neuroscientist Kyle Mathewson, PhD, discovered that almost half of participants in a recent study,,,

 on the two identical images could not distinguish between a duck and a rabbit at first glance.  

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