No one rocks like The Rolling Stones: Mick Jagger, band thrill on Hackney Diamonds Tour

The fact that the Rolling Stones are still packing stadiums over 60 years after their debut tour is not only astounding, but also almost miraculous.  

Even more shocking is the knowledge that the Rolling Stones are adding three songs from the critically acclaimed "Hackney Diamonds" album to their repertoire in addition to their beloved favorites.  

This is the band's first original record in 18 years and the driving force for their 16-city tour.  

The start Sunday at Houston's NRG Stadium featured the core trifecta of Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, and Ronnie Wood, together with a stellar group of supporting artists and vocalists.   

Richards opened the show with a suitable rendition of the song "Start Me Up."  

Jagger, the nimble CEO of Stones Inc., peacocked in a silver shimmering jacket, his elastic legs a mere pedestal for his rotating torso. 

Wood, always smiling and occasionally scampering down the long runway, and Richards, still rocking his unkempt pirate appearance with a knit cap and multicolored scarf dangling from his hip,  

continued to play the part of devoted consiglieres.  

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