OLED iPads and more: What Apple plans for its May ‘Let Loose’ event

A spring event has been scheduled by Apple on May 7th at 7AM PT / 10AM ET. 

Although the event's purpose was not disclosed by the firm, the Apple Pencil's image indicates that more iPad announcements are soon to come, 

but which ones? Most likely the OLED iPad Pros that we have been hearing about for months, but the company may also debut a new iPad Air that comes in two sizes.

In recent months, there have also been rumors regarding the release of an updated Magic Keyboard accessory and a new Apple Pencil that would provide iPad Pro owners a more laptop-like experience.

I mean, the iPad just needs more attachments, right? All eyes will be on what Apple wants to do with its new iPad Pro,

as an update for the iPad Mini or the 10th-generation vanilla iPad doesn't appear expected anytime soon.

Bloomberg's Mark Gurman has termed this the biggest overhaul in years, but it's unclear how much.

I like that both models will likely have OLED panels, as I don't want a 13-inch iPad Pro but am little annoyed by the 11-inch's low contrast.

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