Olivia Dunne Flexes in Tight Sportswear During LSU Gymnastics Workout

The LSU athlete returned for her last season and is performing even better than before.

Olivia Dunne, a senior gymnast at LSU, has recently begun her season with the Tigers. 

Despite her extensive experience as a member of the team, she took to Instagram on September 2 to reassure her followers and supporters that it is never too late to learn new abilities on the mat. 

The great gymnast, who is now 20 years old and in her final season with the squad, published an Instagram video featuring a new floor routine that she worked hard to perfect in the first few weeks of the season.

"Hey, even old people can enjoy learning new things!" She joked about it in the title of a video she posted to Instagram and shared with her 4.4 million followers.

In preparation for the training session, the athlete dressed in gray biker shorts and a black tank top with a cropped neckline.

Her new technique involved a series of back handsprings and flips, culminating in her landing on a soft mat inside the foam pit.

"Old dog, new tricks," her teammate Elena Arenas correctly stated in the comments section of one of her posts.Another squad member, Savannah Schoenherr, said, "She does it all, ladies and gentlemen."

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