On April 10, three zodiac signs will feel grateful for their luck in love.  

April 10 may be one of those days that surprises us with how much we like spending time with our romantic relationships – and why.  

Three zodiac signs are the luckiest in love, and this Wednesday, we're making meaning of our behaviors. While we may believe we always understand  

The methods behind our craziness, the reality is that so much of our time is spent simply going with the flow rather than reflecting on the 'why' of our connection.  

During today's transit of the Moon conjunct Jupiter, we'll notice that one of the key reasons we're with the person we're with is that we believe   

You may not have explored the 'why' of your current relationship. During the transit of the Moon conjunct Jupiter on April 10, you'll discover that the reasons for staying   


While you feel like you've had some incredible experiences with your romantic partner, this journey has been both difficult and simple.   


There are times when you feel that your love was meant to be, as if the current circumstance was predetermined by the stars.   


You're so in love with your partner—and they with you—that you can find yourself shaking or laughing with ecstasy.   

Aquarius, these are good times. On April 10, you and your partner will experience the joy of having a wonderful and fulfilling love life together.  

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