Only 'geniuses' can identify hidden banana in devious optical deception in seconds.

Ready to test your IQ and observation abilities with this evil optical illusion brainteaser? Find the banana in the image in seconds.  

Puzzles and optical illusions are helpful for testing knowledge.  

Some may deceive your eyesight, while others are entertaining. Try this problem to test your intelligence.

The image shows children viewing a world globe. However, a hidden banana awaits discovery.  

You must find the hidden fruit in 12 seconds to prove your intelligence. Grab a timer and start—let us know how you perform below!  

This optical illusion can test your IQ and observation abilities. If you want to test yourself, take a real exam.

Only keen observers can solve this quickly. No worries if you struggled—it takes a lot of looking to get it perfect.  

There are several benefits to taking such difficult tests. Recent research suggests it can prevent brain aging.  

The April 12, 2024 Edition of Your Daily FinanceScope 

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