Optical Illusion: Can You Spot The 3rd Person In The Picture Within 9 seconds

Optical Illusion Illusion is derived from the Latin word illudere which means to deceive.  

Perception Our brain attempts to fill the gaps in the information that our eyes receive to provide us with a sensory experience of the world around us. This is called Perception. 

Simple Test Optical illusion images are designed to trick human perception and are considered one of the simplest tests to determine brain attentiveness.  

Psychologist Neuroscientists also use optical illusion images to understand how the human brain perceives reality.  

Visual Skills Test Are you ready to test your visual skills? 

Third Person The challenge for you is that you have to find the third person in the image.  

9 Seconds Here the challenge for the readers is to identify the third person in 9 seconds. Test your observation skills with this challenge.  

Answer If you have not seen the third person then we will show you. In fact, by turning the image upside down, a third person can be seen in the snake's body.   


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