Optical illusions and shapes at West Tisbury library 

“I really have a fascination with geometry and geometric shapes,” says artist Rob Chaunce.   

The West Tisbury library is showing Chaunce's repeated geometric shapes and optical illusions sketches and paintings.  

The artist tessellates a surface with one or more geometric shapes without overlaps or gaps.  

Chaunce masters depth of field in two-dimensional artworks by shading light and shadow.  

His visuals are not only illusions but also beautiful sophisticated designs.  

Some images use well-planned shading of three-dimensional block figures to mislead the eye so the spectator can alter perspectives.  

Chaunce considers 19th-century Dutch artist M.C. Escher an influence. Escher invented visual illusions and “impossible objects.”  

The West Tisbury artist and organic gardener draws inspiration from holy geometry.   

The April 12, 2024 Edition of Your Daily FinanceScope 

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