BEAR WITH IT   Optical Illusions That Help Us Understand How We See

 For Daihei Shibata, a Japanese artist and video director, the everyday activities of life provide him with an infinite number of opportunities to create illusions.  

 Shibata has created a series of short video compilations called Unexpected Outcome.  

 These compilations are a collection of visual illusions that the artist has created in either actual or virtual reality.  

 Shibata has also engaged in other artistic and business ventures.  

 An elevator door unzips like a vinyl jumpsuit; the addition of a battery to a simple electrical rig illuminates the battery case rather than the light bulb,,,

 and fixture to which it is attached; a soccer ball drops and bounces once before shifting slightly to reveal itself ,,,

 as a two-dimensional photograph that falls flat to the ground; and a soccer ball drops and bounces once more before falling directly to the ground.  

 The expectations that we automatically develop about objects, based on our lived experience and the tiresome fact of physics, have been defeated by Shibata in every instance.  

The April 12, 2024 Edition of Your Daily FinanceScope 

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