‘Outlander’: Every Season So Far, Ranked

Outlander's seventh season is still halfway through, and as we reflect on the series' run leading up to its eighth and final season, we can see how each season compares. 

Of course, there are no bad seasons of Outlander; how could there be with a love tale like Claire's (Caitriona Balfe) 

Jamie Fraser's (Sam Heughan)? However, there is no disputing that certain seasons are more exciting and have compelling plots. 

Claire and Jamie are always entertaining, whether they are in Scotland, on an adventure in America, or apart. 

Below, we rank every season of Outlander so far, including the ongoing seventh season, which has yet to be announced for a return date on Starz.  

As we endure the newest Droughtlander, compare the seasons and let us know if you agree or disagree with the ranking in the comments area. 

It's always difficult since everyone has different favorite moments, and sometimes your favorite moments aren't always ones that advance the plot.  

While this is good in a book, we need to keep the dramatic tension continuing and things moving on screen - and sometimes what works in the book doesn't work in the program. 

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