‘Outlander’ Finally Comes To Netflix With An Incredible New Season

If you're like me, you enjoy historical plays. And an even softer place for romance. Perhaps an even softer place for all things Scottish. Outlander excels at all three of these.  

The horrific saga of Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan) comes to NetflixNetflix 0.0% today for its sixth season.   

Season 6 premiered on Starz in 2022, a full two years ago, and is only now available on Netflix.  

Season 7 aired late last summer, and Season 8 is now filming, with no official release date set.  

Outlander's sixth season was actually exhilarating, and it introduced one of the show's best—and most complex—characters  

Thomas Christie, played beautifully by Thomas Lewis Jones. Christie is a man you despise from the start, but you eventually come  

The Best Gaming Mouse to Improve Your Aim By Jon Martindale.Contributor The sixth season continues the tragic events that concluded Season 5.   

It begins the story of Claire and Jamie's role in the Revolutionary War, which is rapidly coming. Meanwhile, Season 7 concludes with what we've all been waiting for: the lovestruck couple's  

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