Outlander Prequel Blood of My Blood Adds Six Cast Members  

The cast of Starz's Outlander prequel Outlander: Blood of My Blood has grown by six. On Wednesday, the show welcomed six more actors to complete out Jamie Fraser's clan. The series is being made in Scotland.  

Sally Messham (A Small Light, The Hunt For Raoul Moat) plays "Mrs. Fitz," Ellen's Castle Leoch maid and Murtagh's aunt. Terence Rae (The Cyclops, Black Dog) plays "Arch Bug," Clan Grant's bodyguard;  

Sadhbh Malin (Conversations with Friends, Love Rosie) plays "Jocasta Cameron," the youngest MacKenzie child; and Ailsa Davidson (Heathers, Halo) plays "Janet MacKenzie,"  

the fifth MacKenzie sibling. For the 20th century, two more characters were cast. Julia's War Department boss, "Lizbeth," will be played by Annabelle Dowler (The Reckoning, It Takes Two), while Harry Eaton (Extraordinary,   

Eastenders) will play "Private Charlton," Henry Beauchamp's buddy and fellow According to Outlander: Blood of My Blood, Jamie's parents are Brian Fraser and Ellen MacKenzie,   

and Claire's parents are Julia Moriston and Henry Beauchamp. As per the website, "The series will center on these two parallel love stories set in two different time periods, with Jamie's parents in the early 18th-century Scottish Highlands and Claire's parents in WWI England."  

"Outlander: Blood of My Blood is a love story. "It will explore what lengths a person will go to find love in a time when love is a luxury and marriages are strategic, often for political or financial gain," said showrunner and executive producer Matthew B.  

Roberts. "The title references Jamie Fraser's marriage promise to Claire, and Outlander aficionados will recognize several characters. Jamie and Claire's TV show may be ending with Season 8, but Diana is hard at work on book ten of her great book series.   

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